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2013 National Choreographers Initiative Donors

Molly Lynch, Artistic Director

Bobbi Cox*
Mrs. William Roberts
Mrs. Richard Steele*

William J. Gillespie Foundation*

Mrs. Alan V. Andrews*
Anne B. Nutt*
The Robinson Foundation
Michelle Rohé*

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cripe
Janet and Henry Eggers
Joanne and Dennis Keith


Alan Andrews and Molly Lynch*
Fran Bass
Diane Diefenderfer and David Hanlon
Paula Tomei and David Emmes
Kathryn Lynch and Robert McDonnell*
Mrs. J. Matthew Osborne
Marshall Parker
Andrew Rose
Don and Sally Anne Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tingley*

Dance Contributor
Dr. Michael Bear 
Laurie and Bart Brown*
Beverly and David Carmichael 
Cliff Faulkner and Shigeru Yaji*
Gillian Finley and Robert Labaree
Dr. Burton Karson
Mrs. Michael McNalley*
Ed Moen and Janek Schergen
Elizabeth and John Stahr
Jenny Szabo

Senator Marian Bergeson*
Paul Blank*
Gale Edelberg and Bob Butnik
Bronwyn Daniels
Mrs. Paul Faranda
Robert Farnsworth*
Mary and Andrew Franklin*
Judi Gorski
Phuong and Joseph S. Lewis III

Partner (cont.)
Jack Lyons
Leo McDonnell*
Dale Merrill
John and Margi Murray*
James Penrod*
Dr. Ivar Roth*
Cyndi and David Runstrom
Bruce and Jan Scherer
Katy and Jack Schoellerman
Donna and Nick Shubin
Jackie Smiley*
Kim Smith
Liz Stillwell
Gary and Karen Thorne
Mary Vensel White

Beau Corps Studio*
Betty Anderson
Betsy Andrews and Alex Moad
William Bardens
Victoria Barrett
Roger du Plessis
Roberta Fox
Sandra and Donald French
Suzanne Fromkin
Rachel Gamby and Hugh Roberts
Milda and Denis Gray
Rowell and Pinky Greene
Mike and Valerie Harris
James and Carol Hollas
Chuck Johnston
Mike and Kari Kerr*
William and Carolyn Klein*
Lorenzo and Karen Knapp
Grace and Don Laffoon
Martin Langer
Nancy Locke
Maurice Mandel
Debra Maxwell
Carl and Pat Neisser
Suzy and Jack Peltason
Jody and Jack Pike
Janice Gudde Plastino
Dolly Platt
Louise Ringwalt
Beth Rosenbaum
Timothy Saunders*
Ann and Dick Sim
Barbara Stevens
Chris Thayer
Rene and Don Thompson
Max and Peggy Weismair*

* Special donations towards the 10th anniversary NCI Highlights performance

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National Choreographers Initiative
3334 East Coast Highway #276
Corona del Mar, CA  92625


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